• Award-winning Internet Publisher. Led the development of www.catalyst.org.  Acclaimed by ForbesWoman as a Top 100 Website for Women for its "compelling" content and "outstanding design."

  • Produced the Timeline of the 50 years of Catalyst, drawing from photographs, text, audio, and video to compile an online documentary.

  • Created storytelling concepts that play to the best of the web—for company founders (Entrepreneur's Byline), corporate executives (Topline), and consumers who crave the news (PageCast™).
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    What really happened to the women of the first class at the Harvard Business School to be 10 percent female—the first to have had a chance to "make it to the top"?

    In Women Like Us, the author probes the lives of six for an "intricate, involved-and-involving study" that "has the emotional drama of college-and-after fiction."

    As a reporter and magazine contributor, the journalist crafts articles that track the men who made companies and gave away fortunes and that explore why women would want to do the same.



    It's the story that matters, not the format. In print or in celluloid, online, or through the spoken word, it's the narrative that touches the heart.

    Welcome! Visit often. Look for the stories. Ahead will be more—in venues as cherished as type on the printed page and as current as multimedia on a small screen.

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